School Closed Due To A Snow Storm, Video Shows What The Principal Does When No One’s Around.

Ever wonder what life is like on a schools administrative side, during the typical snow day? Well now, all speculation can be put to rest, as we see exactly what goes on behind the scenes during snow days.

We all know that school principals have a difficult job. In the video, the idea that a principal’s work-life remains busy on snow days, is hilariously questioned.

Our principal subject is caught gleefully spinning hula hoops and practicing his “monster jam” technique on a 6-foot tall basketball hoop. In addition to these comedic antics, he storms the music room, giving us his best xylophone solo. Afterwards, the rambunctious principle takes a break by reading The Ugly Duckling to himself.

As he continues to explore the school premises, he eventually finds the Play-Doh and goes to work. Ultimately, after “a hard day’s work”, the principal is found lying asleep beneath a fort of pillows.

Well, the mystery concerning what a principle does on a snow day has finally been solved. Why catch up on paperwork, when an empty school can be converted into a playground at the whim of any principal’s imagination? It appears that principals appreciate the occasional day off, just as much as the students do.